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Watch Conviction Online

Conviction (2010)
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: When Kenny is arrested for murder and sentenced to life in 1983, his sister Betty Anne, a Massachusetts wife and mother of two, dedicates her life to overturning the murder conviction.

Length: 1 hr. 45 min.

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Watch Conviction Online

Watch the movie Conviction online for free to catch the most inspirational true story in Hollywood. You have come to the right place in case you are one among those who love inspirational films. The story is about a love of a sister for her brother who has been accused of murder. You can see an extreme devotion of a sister. Kenny is Betty Anne Water’s brother and is accused of murder chargers and is sentenced to life. Betty Anne who is a Massachusetts wife and also a mother of two kids dedicates her life to fight against the injustice and helps in fighting over her brother’s conviction. Watch Conviction online to see how wonderful the script is transformed into a real picture. The movie is written by Pamela Grey and she is done a great job while writing the whole story. The cast alone gives you enough reasons to watch the film Conviction. The director of the film is Tony Goldwyn. You can definitely feel the magic created by both Tony and Pamela Grey when it comes to the making of this film. She is convinced of her brother’s innocence and then finally completes law after a long struggle for around 18 years. Watch Conviction online to see the devotion between a brother and sister. Watch Conviction online to see a bond of trust between a brother and a sister. The only thing that keeps her going through the struggle is the belief on her brother and the curiosity in finding the truth behind her brother’s accusation. The strong quest helps Betty Anne and the team supporting her in finding out the truth. They also utilize DNA evidence with the help of Kenny. Betty with the help of her best friend Abra Rice tries to free her brother from the accusation. She makes every effort to study the evidence which led to the arrest of her brother, Kenny. Betty’s role in the movie is played by Hillary Swank and her best friend Abra is played by Minnie Driver. The movie shows how a sister struggles to prove her brother innocent in a murder trail. This is a true inspirational realistic film. This is a must watch for you in case you are in a quest of finding realistic films in Hollywood. Hillary Swank is shown as a working mother in the film who is seen enrolling herself in the law school to save her brother from a murder accusation because of which he is sentenced to death. You would definitely fall in love with the film and this true story is a must watch for this season.