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Inception (2010)
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: Dom Cobb, a skilled thief who can steal ideas from someone's subconscious, is given one last chance at redemption.

Length: 2 hr. 28 min.

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Watch Inception Online

Inception is a powerful film. Itís a high drama of a surreal nature with dreams interwoven into each other. The story begins and ends with a professional dream stealer named Cobb. He is very good at this. He is hired by a man named Saito who wants to get the better of his corporate rival Fischer and disassemble his empire by collaborating with Cobb and implanting the idea of dissolution of Fischerís empire in his sonís mind through connecting with his dreams by his projections, who is about to inherit the empire from his sick father. This film has to be watched to be believed and you never really know when, what you are watching is real and when itís a dream being shown keeping you in hooplas all the time,. Cobb works with his assistant Arthur and they devise a way. Inception as Cobb enunciates is more difficult than extraction, that is stealing an idea from someoneís mind, but he reluctantly agrees to the plan and proposes a three layer dream state in which he would put Fischer. Saito decides to be a part of the team to make sure the idea is implanted in the victimís mind. Download Inception online today. They get the co-operation of an architect named Ariadne and get her interested in creating a dreamscape in the dreams with her projections and Yusuf a chemist who says his sedative would create dreams within dreams. He projects the first dream. He creates some kind of an intricate dream. Then the others in the team create dreams which they all can see and participate in and finally implant the idea in the third state. Fischer has his own protection against inception but they carry on. Download Inception online now. Finally Saito rewards Cobb with a return to America and we are left in a limbo whether this is real or not as the spinning top keeps spinning and just begin to wobble and the credits appear. This film can only be watched once at a time and will leave many questions in your mind and you can download it online now. Download Inception online free. The only danger that runs throughout the film is that one may fall into a limbo state and never be able to get out of it and die while there. This is what happened to Mal, Cobís wife who got into a limbo state with Cobb and when she came to, did not realize she was conscious and committed suicide in that state and died and she is the antagonist in the story appearing and disappearing constantly and adding a kick to the drama. This film can only be watched once at a time and will leave many questions in your mind and you can download Inception online now. Download Inception online free!