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Lottery Ticket (2010)
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: Kevin Carson, a young man living in the projects, wins $370 million in a nationwide lottery.

Length: 1 hr. 28 min.

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Watch Lottery Ticket Online

In times like these, where good movies are few and far between, Lottery ticket comes as a whiff of fresh air. A complete comedy, the film revolves around a young guy Kevin Carson,played by Bow Wow who hits the bulls eye in a national lottery an ends up winning $370 million. since it is the time of the Fourth Of July,the only time Kevin can cash his prize money is on Monday. Download Lottery Ticket to see how Kevin struggles hard to keep the news about his win a secret with not much success as his selfish neighbors get wind of it and start scheming ways to get the ticket for themselves. The sexy girls in the neighborhood also try their luck at the ticket by befriending Kevin and pleasing his grand ma. The local thugs threaten Kevin and force their way to the ticket Download Lottery Ticket online to see the hilarious scenes between the neighbors and Kevin. The movie boasts of some amazing actors. Bow Wow himself is a much loved actor. Terry Crew, who is so famous for his comic timing. Ice cube, Keith David and Brandon Jackson also appear in the movie and add to the Afro-American fun element. How Kevin tries to save his win is a two hour ride which will have you laughing over. Download Lottery Ticket online since you can watch in the comfort of your home with your family. The movie has been rated for some harsh language and underage drinking. Directed by Erik White, you have almost all the good Afro-American actors you can find in Hollywood. Dialogs by Abdul Williams are just rib tickling. Slated to release on the 27th of August, this movie has been in peoples waiting list for quite some time now. It sure has all the ingredients of an entertainer. The concept of lottery winning has been used by earlier film makers but certainly not in this fashion. Warner Bros have always given some very good movies and this is also one of them. The film is going to be a hit with the younger generation as it has all the elements for being a rage. Download Lottery Ticket online so you do not have to go through the trouble of booking tickets to watch it in the cinemas. It remains to be seen whether the viewers are going to relate to the emotion of greed and selfishness as indicated in the movie. Download Lottery ticket online free to find IF Kevin finally succeeds in getting his ticket to the cash counter on Monday!